As we all know, Stranger Things was Netflix’s big hit last year – it was one of the most talked about shows of the summer. And while I was a fan of season 1 and enjoyed it a lot, I didn’t get all the hype and thought that people overrated it. I heard complaints about how season 2 needs to come faster, when is season 2 coming out, blah blah blah – that kind of stuff and I just remember thinking “Um you do know TV shows need to take time right?” And I am so glad that they took their time with season 2 because it is so good and  even better than season 1.

I just have to start out by saying I am very impressed by Noah Schnapp who plays Will Byers. He wasn’t a big part of the last season, since well he was missing the whole time. But here he really got to play and I’m telling you he delivered every time – actually he was my favorite part of this season and I didn’t think anyone could top Eleven in the show. His character had me worried, frightened, and sympathetic all at the same time. He was the emotional crux of the whole show. Of course everyone else’s acting was exemplary as well. I’m really surprised at how the show was able to expand its mythology and universe, increase the stakes, and create realistic and compelling character arcs which made season 2 a better story.

There are of course obvious TV tropes in season 2 that we also got last season. There’s Dacre Montgomery (who was the red ranger in the latest Power Rangers film) who played Billy – the “douchebag” character. There’s Sean Astin (from the Lord of the Rings films) who plays Bob – the sort of “adorable, smart, last-minute-hero” character. And there is Sadie Sink who plays Max as the “newcomer” character. There are actually two love triangles this time around and thought it was smart that Max/Lucas/Dustin sort of emulated Nancy/Jonathan/Steve. I also loved the Steve/Dustin dynamic.

As for downfalls for season 2, I have to say why I do like Max, I was kind of with Mike on this one when he kept saying to her, “You’re not part of the group.” And her stepbrother, Billy, who I mentioned earlier was over the top sometimes. But I am interested on what Max will have to do next season and what that means for her character. Unlike some people I didn’t have a problem with Episode 7 of this season, but I do agree that it did somewhat interrupt the flow we had going on for season 2. I also missed more of the kid dynamic this season – I wanted to see more of Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas all being together doing geeky kid things.

Let’s just say season 2 totally rocked and I give it an A.




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