Justice League has finally arrived and all everyone wants to know after the critical failures of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad is – is it good? Well I’m here to tell you it’s certainly better than the previously mentioned DCEU movies.

Justice League takes place after Superman’s death, where Batman needs to assemble a team of heroes after run ins with an insect like creature called parademons. The League which consists of famous heroes such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, along with Batman. Together they need to stop the villain, StepphenWolf, who is collecting power sources called Mother Boxes in order to conquer the world.

Justice League, which has certainly gone through a tough production process, is actually an enjoyable time at the theater. While its villain and plot are lacking, seeing these heroes together on the big screen makes up for that. Wonder Woman is the total standout here and deservedly so after the success of her film last June. The Flash (Ezra Miller) is also a scene stealer bringing light and comic relief to the team. And minor spoiler I guess, but if you follow these movies at all you should know this, but Superman returns from the dead and he makes a mighty fine, enjoyable entrance.

As for the other member of the League – Batman, Aquaman, and Cyborg while they too were enjoyable they didn’t stand out as much from the others. Cyborg, I think for me, needed some getting used to because he was a very serious character in the film and the only other exposure I had to that character is Teen Titans Go. Batman and Aquaman were also good, but I think Aquaman didn’t have that much to do except some cool fight scenes. It was also clear to me, that Batman could not hang with the rest of the League, I don’t know if this is because of Ben Affleck trying to exit the franchise as Batman or if it was to highlight the newer characters. Ben Affleck had a fine performance but I found it lacking (but that’s just me).

The villain StepphenWolf was completely CGI and that was a mistake I feel because he just seemed fake all throughout the film. The CGI in this film is also pretty bad, and for a high budget film it really should be better than what it is because not only is there very noticeable green screen backgrounds, but Superman’s upper lip is off (and if you followed Justice League movie news then you know what I’m talking about). StepphenWolf also has no real motivation or depth to his character – he is just very flat and one-note. I also believe that if we were introduced to the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg before this film it would be much more exciting since we wouldn’t have to introduce and establish these characters.

Another problem I have is with the Amazon uniforms. In Wonder Woman, the Amazons had protective battle amour that was practical and protected their stomachs. Here they are basically wearing bikinis… It’s very tiring as a woman to see this, especially since it’s very unnecessary and the Amazons are being sexualized when they really don’t need to be since they are already beautiful, kickass warriors. Wonder Woman is also more objectified in the film seeing as there was many butt shots of her and an awkward scene between her and the Flash.

Another concern people may have with this film is the two directors. While the film is directed by Zach Synder, it was reshot by Joss Whedon since Synder had a personal tragedy. It is actually pretty seemless transition and I’m very surprised but glad that if you weren’t looking for it then you can’t really tell who directed what. I will say though the beginning of the film does feel more Synder-y and the latter part is definitely more in Whedon’s wheelhouse.

Overall I think Justice League is a fun time. It does have issues, but those can be more easily overlooked because of the chemistry and dynamic of the Justice League. Everyone has opinions on this movie, and the DCEU in general, so whether you love the franchise or hate it, with Justice League and Wonder Woman before it – the DCEU is trying to fix itself, and I hope that their future films will be in line with their last two. I give this film a C+

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