Wonder is a really important movie because of it’s message. And yes you will cry throughout most of the movie.

The films follows Auggie (Jacob Tremblay), a boy who had to undergo many surgeries in order to survive and looks different from everyone else. We not only get to see how Auggie’s condition affects him, but how it affects the people around him. This was something that I wasn’t expecting and I think Auggie’s sister’s story-line was really powerful and resonated with me. The acting here was great all around with A-listers like Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. Jacob Tremblay shows again how talented he is since his last big movie, Room. And I again want to mention his sister played by Izabela Vidovic because she also shined.

This movie touches very strongly on the subject of being an outcast and of bullying. And how important it is to show kindness to everyone you meet. I really appreciated how this movie didn’t solely revolve around Auggie, though he is the central figure of the film. I think this film does a really good job of making its audience analyze how they behave towards others and how what they say to others can have a really big effect on them.

Some negatives I have is that there’s a subplot involving Auggie’s sister friend and I felt like that wasn’t necessary to have in the film. Other than that, this movie is really strong and pulls at every heart string you have.

I give Wonder an A.

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