I finally got a chance to see The Last Jedi, and I was a little bit more trepidatious about it once I heard mixed fan reactions to the movie, but overall I liked it!

The Last Jedi takes place after The Force Awakens, where the Resistance is hanging on by a thread and is trying to survive repeating blows from the First Order. Rey has found Luke and wants to begin training, though he is reluctant to train her. And Kylo Ren is struggling with the aftermath of killing his father.

I think the film was solid overall though it did have some problems. Let’s just say this film did some really cool things that I will not spoil and are really memorable, and I really liked the battle scenes, specifically the light saber ones. Mark Hamill is probably the best he has ever been here – I really loved grumpy Luke. Honestly all the main characters were good, though I wished they had more for Carrie Fisher to do since this will sadly be her last Star Wars film. Captain Phasma played by Gwendoline Christie was wasted again. I also really enjoyed Laura Dern’s character.

The downfall of this film though was the length, which also affected the pacing of the film. The third act seemed to go on for an eternity though it was a compelling final act. There’s also a side storyline involving Finn and Rose (a new character played by Kelly Marie Tran) that really felt unnecessary and could have been cut out. You could also cut out some of the stuff in the third act. And the humor did not work for me a majority of the time.

Overall though, I think the good outweighs the bad moments of the film. I give The Last Jedi a B.


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