2017 was a pretty great year for movies. I’m here to give my personal list for the Top 10 of the year. Now I haven’t seen every movie, there’s still a ton I haven’t seen like I Tonya, The Post, Three Billboards, and All the Money in the World among others. So when I get a chance to see these movies – I may update and change this list. This list was hard to make, I changed it many times but I think this is the list I’m happy with.

Honorable Mentions: Dunkirk, It, Wind River, and Stronger (I highly encourage y’all to see both Wind River and Stronger especially since I feel they are award worthy movies not being talked about enough, especially Taylor Sheridan’s direction in Wind River and the performance Jake Gyllenhaal gives in Stronger).

10. Baby Driver – Edgar Wright is a genius, the technicality, soundtrack, and performances make this such a fun time at the movies.

9. Shape of Water – Guillermo Del Toro delivers on this beautiful but very unusual love story. The cinematography is simply gorgeous and Sally Hawkins gives one of the years best performances.

8. Thor: Ragnarok – Thor was such a great time at the theater. Taika Waititi is a favorite director of mine and he gave one of the best and funniest Marvel movies to date.

7. Coco – Representation matters and it’s so great to see Pixar knock it out of the park with Mexico’s celebration of the Day of Dead. Hopefully this paves way for more Latino centered movies in Hollywood.

6. Get Out – Jordan Peele makes one of the best and socially relevant horror movies in a long time. This film is probably one of the most talked about in 2017 and deservedly so.

5. Wonder Woman – This film not only empowered women but it showed the world what women can do. This was such a big break for more female centric films but also for female directors.

4. Lady Bird – Greta Gerwig created such a real and relatable film about what it’s like to be a teenager. The performances and chemistry of the cast was pretty outstanding. Gerwig’s first solo directing debut was practically flawless.

3. Logan – Hugh Jackman last outing as Wolverine couldn’t have been better. He gave the performance of a life time. Patrick Stewart and newcomer Dafne Keen also gave outstanding performances.

2. Blade Runner 2049 – This film is truly beautiful especially from a technical perspective. Roger Deakins, the cinematographer, is a true visual master. All the performances are top notch and Denis Villenueve proves himself once again to be one of the best directors working today.

1. The Disaster Artist – This film took me by surprise. I never expected it to be my best of the year, but what James Franco did is make a hilarious yet oddly inspiring and heartfelt film about a strange man wanting to accomplish his dream of making a film. This is one of the funniest movies I think I have ever seen but it highlights the struggle of making a film and being seen as odd or weird by others.

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