The Greatest Showman revolves around the life of P.T. Barnum – a typical rags to riches story but one that celebrates diversity and creativity.

As many people know, P.T. Barnmum is a very controversial figure and this movie did not delve into that side of him, instead they focused more on how he chased after what many people considered “crazy” ideas and brought together different types of people. This film also has incredible songs and I couldn’t help but enjoy and be impressed by the song and dance numbers.

Hugh Jackman gave a great performance as Barnum as well as the supporting cast such as Zac Efron, Michelle Williams (though I wish she had more to do), and Rebecca Ferguson. The main problem with this film though is the story. The story was thin and it never really grabbed me. It may have been because I didn’t believe in Jackman’s P.T. Barnum because I am aware of the actual person exhibiting animal abuse and exploiting the “freaks” in his show. But I think that the way everyone came together in the film was too rushed and it didn’t go more into the people in the circus like I wanted it too. It mostly just focuses on Barnum- his upbringing, his creativity, his struggles, and his successes.

Nevertheless, the songs are very catchy and there are definitely some that I want to go download onto my phone.

I give The Greatest Showman a C+

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