Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri surrounds a grieving mother, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand), who on a search for justice after her daughter was raped and murdered almost a year ago, so she rents three billboards and asks the local police why has it been so long and no arrests have been made?

This film so far has swept up many wins by other film awards leading up to the Oscars. Frances McDormand gives an astounding performance along with Sam Rockwell, who plays Officer Dixon. Woody Harrelson also stars in the movie as the police chief, but his character is only a small part of the film.

Something that definitely caught me off guard about the film though was its humor. The film is more of a dark comedy than a drama. And oftentimes I felt that the movie went in for a laugh when instead they should’ve let the weight of the drama hit the audience.

This movie also really hits on the theme of anger – you have Mildred who uses her anger to try to spur the local police into action, and you have Dixon, a prejudiced and racist cop fueled by anger who must learn to let go of it. The anger in these two individuals does go too far at points, and you are left to wonder how their anger got so out of control.

The acting was superb as was the cinematography and dialogue. The dialogue was especially riveting because it was very harsh yet very honest. But some negatives I have are like I mentioned before, there was some times were the film was humorous when it should’ve been serious, and I wish that we got to see more of the dynamic between Mildred and her son. Mildred is solely focused on getting justice for her dead daughter (and rightfully so), but we never really dive into how her son is dealing with the death of his sister and how he feels about his mom going on this public avenge quest. I also had an issue with Rockwell’s arc in the film, I felt that it was not completely deserved (I’ll leave it at that because if I say anymore I may end up spoiling some of the film).

Overall, I give Three Billboards an A-


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