Batman Returns is the sequel to Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. It reprises Michael Keaton as Batman, and stars Michelle Pfeiffier as Catwoman and Danny DeVito as the Penguin.

Let’s just say that Batman Returns no longer holds up in today’s time with all new technology and a wide variety of superhero movies. The origin story of both the Penguin and Catwoman are laughable (although I am not sure how their origins play out in the comic books). But c’mon Penguin was raised by a bunch of penguins in a sewer under Gotham City? Yeah that’s totally realistic.

The film though overall is enjoyable. Michelle Pfeiffer was the standout to me throughout the whole movie. Michael Keaton also gave a good performance, though I feel like he didn’t really have much to do except beat up clowns and flirt with Catwoman. Danny DeVito, delivered as the villian, he looked scary and menacing especially with that black stuff coming out of his mouth, though his predatory behavior towards women was more than a little unsettling in the film. Christopher Walken also stars, but something about his character just did not click with me. I just saw Christopher Walken in a bad grey wig the whole time.

I give Batman Returns a C+

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