Annihilation is a sci-fi movie surrounding Lena (Natalie Portman) whose husband, Kane (Oscar Isaac), has gone on a secret mission to what is called “The Shimmer” and is the only person to have ever returned but is not well. Lena then decides to go to The Shimmer in order to find out what has happened to her husband.

I knew pretty much nothing about this film, I didn’t watch any trailers and only vaguely knew of the concept, which intrigued me, and I think that us film lovers may actually enjoy movies more if we go in blind. Let me start out by saying that the visuals in this film are stunning, especially everything that happened in The Shimmer. The production designer really deserves a lot of the credit here. It was both beautiful and creepy to see what lied behind The Shimmer and there are plenty of horror elements in the film.

Another thing you all should know it that this film is weird. I’m not sure if I totally understood it and the third act was just a whole bunch of question marks for me. But I actually really enjoyed this film because I was so riveted by the world of The Shimmer.

All the performances here are fine but there’s not much character development to go on. This is definitely Natalie Portman’s film though, but it’s nice to see Gina Rodriguez and Tessa Thompson in here since they are two actresses I’m a big fan of.

Along with the third act that didn’t work for me, there’s a subplot involving Natalie Portman’s character that didn’t add anything to the film and could have easily not been included. That subplot just felt unnecessary and if it was removed then I think the film would’ve been tighter.

Overall though, I think this was one of the most interesting yet weirdest movies I have ever seen. It’s definitely not for everyone but I give Annihilation a B+

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