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Wow. The first ten minutes of the film made me want to swear off kids for life.

Tully surrounds Charlize Theron as Marlo, who recently had her third child. She’s constantly tired and overwhelmed, especially since her son is showing symptoms for mental illness. Her and her husband don’t have a lot of money, but as a gift her rich brother offered to pay for a night nanny. Marlo finally gives and hires the night nanny, named Tully, who helps her out in more ways than one.

This film really made me realize how hard it is to be a mom. Especially if you have three children, all somewhat close in age. Charlize Theron really mastered the exhausted dead stare that I’m sure many mothers have had before. And of course, Charlize gave a great performance as Marlo, successfully balancing the pains and joys of motherhood. Mackenzie Davis as Tully gave a good performance as well as someone who reminded Marlo of her younger self. And their relationship together is pretty spectacular.

Though this film started out bleak, I kinda loved how bleak it was in the beginning because it didn’t hold back any punches. But with Tully coming in and fixing everything – it did make the film a little boring and it definitely dragged in the middle for me. There’s also this mermaid motif that is introduced in the movie and it threw me off. It made sense later, but for a second I thought I was seeing The Shape of Water again. And while this is more of a nitpick, the father in the film played by Ron Livingston is a jerk. He goes to work in the morning then comes home to play video games. He is rarely shown helping out his kids or helping out his wife – and while the film is about Marlo and motherhood, it’s not believable to me to hear Marlo talk about how much she loves her husband.

Other than those criticisms I did enjoy the movie – particularly Charlize Theron’s performance. And I would be interested to hear what mothers will think of the film. I give Tully a B-


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