Photo from Paste Magazine

Searching revolves a father (John Cho) searching for his missing daughter through the use of her computer and finds out he doesn’t know his daughter as well as he thought he did.

I know films have done this before, but this is the first film I’ve seen that entirely takes places from a computer screen. And it didn’t turn out as distracting as I first expected, though I did take a little getting used to.

The story here was actually pretty solid, I wasn’t sure how you could tell a story through a computer screen for 2 hours without it dragging, but this story manages not to do that and was told well, I was invested in it the whole time. John Cho works great as the father, you felt his worry and determination to help his daughter. He gets angry, upset, and frantic with everything as he continues not getting answers on what happened to his daughter, so you definitely feel for him.

Beforehand, I was aware that a twist happens in this film, but it wasn’t a game changer for the film like I was lead to believe. But my biggest negative on the film consist of things people would do not do in real life with their phones and what not. For example, the father FaceTime’s everyone, the lead detective, his daughter’s classmates, and they all answer right away. In reality, a number you don’t recognize calls you, you don’t answer it. I understand why they did it because they needed these visuals otherwise the movie would be less engaging. But it’s just not realistic.

Overall though, Searching was enjoyable and surprised me. I give it a B.

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