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Beautiful Boy surrounds the struggle that Nic Sheff (Timothée Chalamet) with drug addiction and how that affects not only himself, but his family, most noticeably his father (Steve Carell), who is determined to do all that he can to help him.

The performances from Chalamet and Carell were extraordinary. You felt what the characters felt, small moments of joy, but mostly anger and frustration. Chalamet really is a rising star, with his performance in Call Me By Your Name last year and this, there will undoubtedly be an Oscar on his mantle sometime soon. Really all of the cast were giving great performances. The film doesn’t gloss over the effects of drug use like many other films do and it takes time to teach the audience that drug addiction is a disease. The film didn’t hit as hard as it could’ve for me though on this subject.

The Office fans can rejoice because we get Michael and Holly back together again, though really they are seen on-screen together for only one scene. And although the film is based off the memoirs of both the father and the son in the story, I wish we got to see more of Nic’s relationship to his mother.

I think the performances make up for the story, which I have seen others have problems with. I admit that for me, the story got repetitive, I felt like the whole movie was Nic using and trying to get sober again, and while that is essential in a film addressing this topic, it started to lose me a bit because it happened so many times. Some of the flashes to Nic as a child and his father were oddly placed and there were also some weird music choices that did not fit with the story.

Overall, Beautiful Boy is an incredibly well acted film, while I think the execution of the story could have been better, the film still delivers. When Boy Erased comes out in theaters near me, it’ll be interesting to see which “Boy” movie this year is the best.

I give Beautiful Boy a B+


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