10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019

2018 is now over, but the 2019 movie season is upon us! Here are some films that I’m very much looking forward to. Some honorable mentions are Godzilla: Kings of Monsters, Dumbo, Glass, Shazam, Star Wars: Ep 9, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and It: Chapter 2.


10. Aladdin – I loved Aladdin as a kid, it was my favorite Disney movie. So while I’m not convinced from the images released about the movie, I’m still curious about it.


9. Joker – Joaquin Phoenix is a stellar actor and I’m excited to see what he brings to the role of the Joker.


8. Captain Marvel – I love Brie Larson and am excited to see what the first female led Marvel movie entails.


7. Toy Story 4 – Toy Story is the perfect movie trilogy, so while I was surprised they announced a fourth one. I’m sure it’ll still be as great as the others.


6. Us – Jordan Peele’s newest thriller looks all kinds of horrifying, but I have no doubt that it’ll be the same quality wise as Get Out.


5. The Lion King – Jon Favreau’s newest film that uses the same technology from The Jungle Book to make the animals seem more realistic with an A-list cast including Donald Glover, Beyonce, James Earl Jones and more, so count me in.


4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Tarantino’s film takes place in L.A. and stars Brad Pitt as Leonardo DiCaprio’s stunt double that takes place around the Manson murders.


3. Knives Out – Rian Johnson’s newest film with an A list cast including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Lakeith Stanfield, Michael Shannon, among many more. Not much is known about the plot but this cast has me excited.


2. Jojo Rabbit – I’m a huge fan of director Taika Waititi and his newest film is a dark comedy set in World War II and is about a boy whose imaginary friend is Hitler and whose life is turned upside down when his mother hides a Jewish family in their home. I’m very excited about the film though I understand if some people would be more cautious about the plot.


  1. Avengers: Endgame – As a surprise to no one, I just am too curious to know what happens in Avengers 4. I need resolution after Infinity War and to see what the the future of the MCU has in store.

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