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LEGO Movie 2 is the sequel to the LEGO Movie which now finds Emmett (Chris Pratt) and his friends living in a dystopian, apocalyptic world as the boy’s sister is now allowed to play with LEGO’S and takes over. Once Lucy (Elizabeth Banks) and his friends are taken, it is up to Emmet to save them, but what he doesn’t know is that he may end up hurting his friends more than helping them.

LEGO Movie 2 is a fun, enjoyable, family film. However, it’s not as smart or inventive as it’s predecessor. The voice cast is great again in their roles, I enjoyed Chris Pratt in his other role as Rex Dangervest and Tiffany Haddish as the Queen. I was also surprised about how much I enjoyed some of the original songs in the film, especially the end credits song.

I found that the lesson that it was teaching was sweet. But I think the filmmakers leaned a bit too much on the human part of the story. It was a surprise when that was revealed in the first film, but now that the audience already knows about the child’s imagination part, it just didn’t stick as well. I also think, while yes this is a kids film, the seuqel was more aimed towards kids than the first one.

I have enjoyed all the LEGO films they have released so far, some more than others. But I think they waited too long to release this film because the first LEGO Movie premiered five years ago, and while The Second Part is an enjoyable time, it doesn’t quite capture what the first film was able to do.

I give The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part a B.


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