Photo from Cinespia

Alien revolves around a group in space as they are unexpectedly waken up early on their journey back to Earth. They land on an unknown planet due to a transmission signal and they go out and discover alien eggs when one ends up infiltrating their ship.

I have never seen any of the Alien films. So watching the ’79 film was an experience and I now know why it’s so iconic. It scared the hell out of me with the suspense and was also pretty gross at parts. My biggest takeaway from the film: everyone on the ship is dumb and should have listened to Ripley.

I did know some of the things that happened in the film already, but the film constantly surprised me. The performances are great especially from Sigourney Weavor as Ripley and Ian Holm as Ash. It was also nice to see a young John Hurt in the film. The crew did have a nice chemistry between them though we didn’t know any backstories of these characters.

I think Ridley Scott’s direction is what made the film for me, he was a master of building up tension and suspense. I have mostly seen his later films, which mostly have been missing the mark for me so it’s nice to remember how talented the guy is. Older films like this one constantly astound me with its visuals and set design. It’s also obvious that this film has inspired tons of later films, especially sci-fi films, since I have seen these tropes done before.

My really only negative is that there was really no reason to show Ripley in her underwear, I know that part of the reason was to show that she let down her guard thought the threat was gone, but there are other ways of doing that.

Overall, I think Alien is more than deserving of all of its acclaim and it’s no wonder why the film and its protagonist, Ripley, are so iconic. I give Alien an A+

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