Photo from Variety

Us stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as Adelaide and Gabe, who go on vacation only to unsuspectingly be confronted by a version of themselves. It is now up to the family to survive and figure out what “they” really want.

Jordan Peele does it again. His sophomore directorial picture delivers on the horror and is a home run hit. Us now proves that Peele can pretty much do no wrong and I’m glad he is sticking to horror genre and not going big time just yet.

Us is different from Get Out. For one I have questions about the doppelgangers and how they work. The film does not explain why they exist or what they really want or do. I would even be curious for a continuation or sequel to Us in order to see if the family dynamic changes.

Lupita Nyong’o was phenomenal in the film, she is a powerhouse actress, and really shines here. I loved the voice she did for her doppelgänger. I also really liked Winston Duke and thought he played the “lame” dad character really well. Both kids were also great, Shahadi Wright Joseph plays Zora and manages to be super creepy as her doppelgänger, and Evan Alex as Jason brings childhood innocence into the mix. Elizabeth Moss also has a small role and though she was a bit of a stereotype, you can tell she had fun with it.

As said before, Us does not explain everything like Get Out does and that may turn off some people from seeing this film, but though I had questions, I was fine with not having all the answers. Nyong’o was what really grabbed me in the film. And I would actually like to see the film another time to see if the ending actually works better or not.

Overall, Us is a very enjoyable horror film and I would even say it’s more creepy than scary. Lupita is the definite standout though all the cast give great performances. And Peele proves to be a more than competent director and creative mind. I give the film an A-


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