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Ready or Not is a film about a new bride, Grace (Samara Weaving), who marries into a very wealthy family. They get their wealth from games and as a tradition they play a game with the new family member on the day of their marriage. However what Grace thinks is a friendly game of hide and seek ends up being deadly.

This film is kind of like a modern and more lethal version of Clue. Though there are definite horror elements, it’s actually more reliant on comedy and gore than anything else.

Samara Weaving is by far the best thing about the film. She is an actress that I’ve never seen before, but she undoubtedly carries this movie. I also enjoyed some of the side characters particularly Adam Brody as Daniel and Kristian Bruun (who I loved in Orphan Black) as Fitch. The rest of the ensemble of the groom’s family were one-note, but serviceable.

The film is fun, but it is definitely a B movie. It’s not necessarily one you need to catch in theaters, but it would be enjoyable on whatever you watch things. The cinematography and lighting were also pretty good, you could always tell what was happening during the night scenes.

The biggest gripe I had with the film was the very convenient ways they kept Grace in the mansion, which on one part I understand because the film would then be over, but it also felt a tad unrealistic, especially since she was so close to getting away a few times.

Overall, Ready or Not is simply a fun movie. I appreciate its tone and originality in a time all about franchises. Weaving is a standout for sure, and I’m very interested to see where this movie takes her. I give Ready or Not a B.

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