Memories of Murder (2003)

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Memories of Murder takes place in 1986 and follows a murder case in South Korea that is based on true events. Detectives Park (Song Kang-ho) and Seo (Kim Sang-kyung) take different approaches in their investigation, but they must come together in order to find the elusive killer.

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Mindhunter Season 2 (Netflix)

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Netflix’s Mindhunter Season 2 picks up after Holden Ford’s (Johnathan Groff) panic attack, but that does not stop him though from diving back into his work. His partner Bill Tench (Holt McCanally), however, is struggling with his work and home life. Dr. Wendy Carr (Anna Torv) is struggling to be taken seriously by the unit’s new boss, but finds a new love interest to occupy her time.

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Mindhunter Season 1 (Netflix)


David Fincher’s Netflix series, Mindhunter, revolves around two FBI agents, Agent Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff, of Hamilton fame) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), along with psychology professor, Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), who start a program that studies the psychology of serial killers. The most compelling part of the show, which should come at no surprise, is when these Agents sit down with murderers and question them on their state of mind during the killings. Serial killer Ed Kemper, played brilliantly by Cameron Britton, always leaves a chilling presence especially in the way he talks about women.

With this series we get to see how the stories from these killers affect our two main characters. It’s certainly no easy thing to come home and try to act normal when you just heard in excruciating detail about how someone killed multiple women. And because it is Fincher, the series is a slow burn, but it also doesn’t have any stakes, which is unlike him – there is no grand climax or plot twist at any point in the story – it simply shows the psychology of all of its characters, the most interesting being Holden’s transition of being a eager, goody two shoes to being a crass, asshole who no longer cares about what he says or does.

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